General Bio

Whether it’s in her past, like rollerskating for a local roller derby team, being interview for MTV’s The Real World four times or being flown to New York to work undercover…or in her present, like having seven kids, establishing a 6-figure local vintage furniture business that also imports from all over the world or running for Mrs. Texas…Elaine’s dreams are big. Her mantra is “you only live once, so go big or go home.” She believes she’s only accessed a fraction of what God has planned for her life and wants to encourage other women to stop holding back and believe God for amazing things. While we might not always get what we wanted, she believes God uses our dreams to catapult us to exactly where we need to be.

As an ex-heroin addict, recovered bulimic and sexual abuse survivor, she knows first hand that life isn’t always easy. As a regular podcast guest, she reminds people that our pain reveals our purpose and our message is found in the mess of life. The author and storyteller inside her believes that everyone has something to share and each of our testimonies are what set ourselves and others free from addictions, pain and sin.

CurbVulture Bio

As a vintage furniture reseller, Elaine Mingus likes to think of herself as a “fixer of broken things” or as someone who “gives value to the unvalued.” When she started picking up discarded items on the side of the road as a way to pay off debt for her large family of 9, she could have never imagined she would not only pay off debt, but would turn it into a 6-figure business. After years of gathering, repairing and restoring unwanted items…she realized there was a deeper meaning in her work. A message for everyone who ever felt forgotten or broken, a message of hope that everyone has value…but sometimes it takes someone else to find us, dust us off and restore us to wholeness. Her mission is to tell her story, offer practical business advice to entrepreneurs, and encourage everyone to become the person they were always created to be.