When I was 20, I often found myself feeling too young to tackle big dreams because of my perceived lack of “experience.” Fast forward a few years, and suddenly, I started feeling disqualified because I wasn’t keeping up with the latest trends. It’s that classic catch-22, right? Too young to be taken seriously, and then suddenly, not young enough to be considered trendy.

But you know what I’ve learned along the way? It’s all a mindset game. Age doesn’t dictate your readiness to pursue your dreams. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around the block, you are exactly the right age for the dreams and visions you have for your life. I realized that waiting for the perfect moment or the ideal level of expertise only delays the incredible journey ahead. So, here’s a gentle reminder: don’t let the comparison game rob you of the joy of creating. Embrace the mess, embrace your journey, and let’s dive into crafting some awesome social media videos together!

Embracing Yourself: “Do it Dirty”

1. Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

Trust me; I’ve been there. Waiting until you feel “experienced enough” or “trendy enough” only holds you back. The truth is, every step of the journey is a learning opportunity. Dive in, make those videos, and let progress be your guide.

Who you will show up as on social media today, won’t be the same person in a year. And that’s okay.

2. Authenticity Trumps Perfection

As I stumbled through my early twenties, trying to find my voice, I realized that authenticity is the key to connection. Viewers want real people, not perfectly curated personas. So, instead of worrying about fitting into a mold, embrace your uniqueness. Your audience will thank you for it.

5 Tips for Creating Conversational and Client-Focused Videos

1. Know Your Audience

Remember when I thought being 20 meant I had nothing valuable to say? Turns out, understanding your audience is the key. Tailor your content to resonate with their needs and interests. Speak their language, and you’ll find your tribe.

2. Craft a Compelling Story

My journey from feeling inexperienced to confidently creating content is a story in itself. Stories captivate, inspire, and build connections. Share your experiences, successes, and challenges. Your audience will relate, and your videos will leave a lasting impression.

3. Solve a Problem

I used to worry about my age or experience, but then I realized the focus should be on solving problems. Shift the spotlight from yourself to your client’s needs. Offer solutions, share insights, and provide value. Your authenticity and problem-solving approach will set you apart.

4. Be Conversational, Not Salesy

Comparison and self-doubt often lead to trying too hard to impress. Instead, engage your audience in a genuine conversation. Ask questions, respond to comments, and build a community. Authentic connections will always outweigh flashy sales pitches.

5. Keep it Short and Sweet

Remember the comparison game? It also extends to the length of your videos. Keep it short, energetic, and to the point. Your audience’s time is valuable, so deliver your message efficiently. Quality content will always shine through.

What Are You Waiting For?

No one every feels completely ready when it comes to starting social media video making…so take these social media video tips and “do it dirty” today.